September 2, 2022

A Musician for All Seasons

Interview and book review from Liner Notes, Issue 2, 2022, including:

For five decades, John Mauceri has had an extraordinary impact on musical life internationally. One of America’s most celebrated conductors, he is also a writer, lecturer, teacher, and producer. Mauceri is responsible for introducing countless important yet unjustly neglected works to the public, especially in twentieth-century repertoire. He has earned many prestigious honors, among them the Grammy, Emmy, Diapason d’Or, Olivier, and Echo KLASSIK awards. No other major conductor has begun in Broadway repertoire, then established and maintained a significant career in operatic and symphonic repertoire, while maintaining a passionate commitment to musical theater and film music. Here he speaks with Roger Pines about his unique career and his revelatory new book, The War on Music: Reclaiming the Twentieth Century.

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